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The Health Benefits of an Alkaline Water Filter

The Health Benefits of an Alkaline Water Filter

An alkaline water filter is rapidly becoming a popular solution for meeting our everyday drinking water requirements. As regular readers of our blog will know, bottled water consumption has tripled over the past 10 years, but that is not without environmental and financial implications. In response to this many of us are sourcing alternatives in the form of a countertop water filter, which produce clean drinking water straight from our home supplies. As part of this growth, alkaline water filters are increasingly becoming a common feature in many homes. However, there remains a lack of knowledge about exactly what alkaline water is, how it differs from 'normal' water and, most importantly, the health benefits involved. So, let’s take a look at five health benefits of an alkaline water filter that you probably don’t know.

Higher pH Level

The central feature of an alkaline water filter is of course that it increases the pH level of the water, making it more alkaline. This aids the body in neutralising the acidic properties we accumulate through our diets. While the pH level of our stomachs is acidic (pH 4), drinking alkaline water creates hydrochloric acid and the bicarbonates created in this process neutralise excess acids in our bloodstream. 

The enhanced pH level of alkaline water also provides other benefits based around hydration which we will look at in more detail throughout the blog.

Removal of Tap Water Toxins

Another key health benefit of an alkaline water filter is that it removes unwanted contaminants from your tap water supply. Depending on where you live, tap water can contain numerous chemicals and contaminants which are not fit for consistent human consumption. These can range from chlorine and fluoride to lead and copper, to name only a few.

In the example of chlorine, the detrimental effects on human health are well documented. The World Health Organisation, in a publication about water chlorination, finds an increased risk of bladder cancer in populations exposed to chlorine in their drinking water supplies.

Another common contaminant in tap water is lead. People who lives in homes built before the 1970s may still have lead pipes carrying their mains supply. This can leach from the pipework and contaminate the quality of the water. Lead is the main factor in the infamous water crisis in Flint, Michigan – where residents have been unable to access clean drinking water for more than two years.

An alkaline filter removes these toxins ensuring the best possible standard of clean, healthy drinking water. 

Alkaline Water Benefits

Reduction of Acid Reflux

We have all at some time suffered from acid reflux, otherwise known as indigestion or heartburn. That burning sensation in your chest caused by stomach acid flowing into your oesophagus. Alkaline water has proven an effective remedy for this common occurrence. A study by Kaufman and Johnson (2012) found that alkaline water inactivated human pepsin and has acid-buffering capacity.

Kinetic Water’s Alkaline Water Filter was recently reviewed by howtogetridofacidreflux.info, where you can find out more about how alkaline water helps with acid reflux. 

Enhances Cardiorespiratory Capacity

One of the most scientifically concrete benefits of an alkaline water filter is its ability to enhance the body’s hydrogen ion buffering capacity during high intensity exercise. When we exercise at intensity our bodies produce more hydrogen ions than we can deal with, this is how fatigue and lactic acid builds up.

Heil et al. (2012) tested the impact of an alkalising supplement against a placebo in a group of professional skiers. Following a 7-day analysis, they found that the group given the alkalising supplement suffered significantly lower cardiorespiratory stress, lower blood lactate levels and higher upper body power levels.   

Further research by Daniel P Heli also shows that alkaline water improves acid-base balance and gives better hydration compared with ‘non-mineralised placebo’ bottled water. These publications prove that the health benefits of alkaline water filter in regards to improved hydration are substantially better than basic, non-alkaline forms of drinking water.

Alkaline Water Benefits


One of the hidden benefits of a five-stage carbon activated alkaline water filter is that it adds minerals to the drinking water. This is where an alkaline water filter differs with other forms of water purification, such as distilled water. Distilled water aims to remove all impurities and minerals from tap water. While this can be beneficial for short-term detoxifying purposes, sustained human consumption of distilled is not recommended.  

Therefore, mineralisation is a key component of an alkaline water filter. The primary minerals that are adjusted in the filtration process are calcium and magnesium. Deficiencies of these components can lead to a range of issues from weaker bone strength to tooth decay. That’s why it’s important that any filtration process enhances the mineral content of the water to maintain the mineral consumption we receive from our daily water intake.


While there remains much contention and speculation surrounding the benefits of an alkaline water filter, they clearly offer a higher level of drinking quality than normal bottled water and other basic water filters. Sceptics are quick to jump on the areas where they claim there is insufficient scientific proof and use them as evidence that alkaline water doesn’t provide any unique health benefits. However, not only are there scientifically-proven alkaline water benefits there are also numerous other improvements pertaining to mineralisation and removal of odours and toxins that truly underline the value of an alkaline water filter. 


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